Pro Maintenance Supply
Pro Maintenance Supply Lamp Guarantee Pro Maintenance Supply Low Mercury Lamps Save on Disposal Costs

Green Lighting

We care about the environment.
Our Fluorescent Lamps are LOW MERCURY. When the time comes to dispose of the lamps you can throw them away with the rest of your trash no special disposal needed.

We specialize in Long Life Industrial Lighting with a Replacement Guarantee and Industrial Strength, Environmentally Friendly Chemical Products.

Long Life Industrial Lighting with a Replacement Guarantee

Our lamps are NOT like any other product.
Our Fluorescent Lamps come with a 5 Year Replacement Guarantee and our Incandescent Lamps come with a 2 Year Replacement Guarantee! If our lamp fails for any reason all you do is call us on our toll free number and we will send you out replacements no questions asked and the best part is you don't have to send the old lamps back!

Industrial Strength Environmentally Friendly Chemical Product Line

We've got our Customer and the environment in mind!
Our Chemical Product Line is industrial strength however they are user friendly/environmentally sensitive using bio-enzymatic and renewable resources when possible. They are a proven performance value – leaders over national brands.